Connecting Parents through Stroller License Plates

Connect, Have Fun, Keep Safe
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How It Works

Message other parents via the stroller license plate numbers and stay connected to your little ones through the community


Receive a stroller license number unique to you right away. Your stroller plate will arrive by mail.


Attach the stroller license plate visibly to your stroller. Check out our Instagram page for positioning ideas.


Your community can now use your stroller number to connect with you. All messages will be sent to your email.


Message that parent you've yet to connect with. Give compliments, make new friends, share concerns.

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No commitment. Cancel anytime!

Stroller plate included with reduced cost.

Full access to Link Strollers service.

Enhanced security with our alert e-mails.


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Free stroller plate included.

Full access to Link Strollers service.

Enhanced security with our alert emails.


Why Link Strollers?

Extra Security

Stroller plates bring extra eyes looking out for your child away from home. They will connect you with your broader community and keep your little one safer, while maintaining your privacy and identity.


We make it easier for you to stay in touch with people you meet on the go. Want to reconnect with that nice family you met at the park? Your Link Strollers number will provide an easy way to get in contact.

Peace of Mind

Can't find your stroller? Dropped the teddy bear? In- law doing pick up and doesn't know what your stroller looks like? Anything can happen when you are out and about. Let Link Strollers help you in many ways.

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Our Story

At Link Strollers, we know that safety is a top concern for parents. We also know life as a parent is hectic and building an efficient support system with your broader community can feel impossible. That’s why we decided to create Link Strollers. It’s a platform that looks out for your child’s safety and your well-being so that you can have the peace-of- mind necessary to raise them well!