Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
1) What is Link Strollers?

Link Strollers helps improve child safety and caregiver well-being by linking community members together with stroller plates and a secure messaging platform.


As a team of caregivers and parents, we are well aware that child safety is a prime concern in big cities. We also understand that raising a child takes a village, and how important it is to extend community. Because of this, we created a service that can ensure children’s well-being outside the house as well as connect parents and caregivers to a supportive community. At Link Strollers, we take care of not only children’s needs, but your needs as well.

2) How does Link Strollers work?

Link Strollers works as following:

a. When you register, you will receive a unique 6-digit-number.

b. This 6-digit-number will be printed onto a plate that will be shipped to the address you provide us. Once you receive this plate, secure it to your stroller.

c. With your stroller plate prominently displayed, your community can contact you via our Contact Stroller Number web form.

d. Any information submitted to our web form with your stroller number will be sent directly to your e-mail address.

1) What is the benefit of having a stroller plate?

There are many benefits to having a stroller plate:

a. It ensures your child’s safety by allowing individuals in the area to message you about concerns connected to your child or stroller.

b. It’s safer than giving out your number or email address, as your stroller number is not publically linked to any of your personal information.

c. It helps keep you and your caregivers accountable and connected when outside the house.

d. It gives you a peace-of-mind when your child is outside without you present.

e. It connects you with other parents and caregivers, making it easy to schedule playdates or parent events so that raising children can be more fun!

2) How long does it take to receive my stroller plate?

You should receive your stroller plate by mail within two weeks of registering.

3) Where and how should I secure my stroller plate?

You should secure your stroller plate in a visible spot on the front, back, or side of the stroller. We recommend using a wire to firmly secure it.

4) Could I have more than one stroller number?

Yes! You can register for more than one stroller number if you have two or more strollers. It definitely helps to keep you organized and your children safe.

5) Could I have more than one stroller plate with the same number?

At the moment, this option is not available. But we are working to allow this in future.

6) Who can report incidents or get in touch with me?

Anyone who has your stroller number can contact you via our Contact Stroller Number web form. But your private information will not be disclosed. 

7) What is the best way to tell my caregiver about my stroller plate?

We strongly advise you to update your caregivers on your Link Stroller’s stroller plate. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can first tell them about its ability to connect you both with other parents and caregivers. You can also explain that it’s a tool to make sure that safety concerns are minimized outside the house and to keep you informed about any incidents or lost items connected to your stroller.

8) What should I do if my caregiver is uncomfortable with the stroller plate?

If your caregiver is uncomfortable with the stroller plate, ease their worry by letting them know that it isn’t due to any mistrust or misgivings you have regarding their care for your children. Also let them know that it will not be used to invade their privacy. It’s simply there for you to connect with other parents and caregivers and to improve upon the security and well-being of the entire family, including them.

9) What should I do when someone reports an incident about my child or caregiver?

First, collect more information. Please keep in mind that people can have different interpretations of a situation. Talk to your child, caregiver, and any other witnesses to find out their perspectives. When speaking to those involved, stay calm and rational. In general, we advise that you ask open-ended questions. We also advise that you not include specifics in your conversations so that you can best evaluate and compare differing recounts of the incident. If at any time you need more information from the reporter, contact them to see if they have additional comments.


Something that is extreme to one person may not be extreme to you. You will need to decide whether the incident reported was significant to you. If it is, then we recommend you take necessary steps to avoid reoccurring incidents.

10) How seriously should I take it when someone reports and incident about my child?

You should err on the side of caution with every incident reported. Especially when your child’s safety is at stake, you should gather further facts by talking to your child, caregiver, and any other witnesses to confirm the credibility of the reporter.


While we ask as much details as possible from the reporter, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility that the incident was falsely reported. Please stay calm throughout the process, examine if you need to take further steps to avoid any recurring incidents, and avoid hasty reactions that can worsen the situation.

12) What happens if I end my subscription, but still keep my stroller plate attached?

You are free to keep the stroller plate attached. But once you end your subscription with Link Strollers, you will no longer receive messages from the community.


IMPORTANT: Please note that without a subscription, information submitted to our web form (including information regarding your child’s safety) will not be sent to you.

13) What is a good response to “What’s that plate on your stroller?”

At Link Strollers, we believe there is safety in numbers. Increasing your community helps increase your family’s security! That’s why we advise you to let inquiring minds know about the purpose of your stroller plate. Here’s a quick response you can give to those interested:

“It’s my Link Stroller’s stroller plate! It allows people in the area to get in touch with me about my child without giving out my personal information. Feel free to take down my number.”

Contacting Stroller Numbers
1) How do I get in touch with the parents of a particular stroller number?

Access our Contact Stroller Number form, fill out the required fields, and provide the information you wish to give. Your message will be delivered to their personal email account in a direct and secure manner.

2) What is a good reason to get in touch with the parents of a particular stroller number?

Some good reasons to get in contact with the parents of a particular stroller number are: unsafe actions related to their child/stroller, a child left alone without an adult in sight, lost items, to give a compliment, to set up a playdate, to form connections with those in your community, etcetera.

3) Can the parents get in touch with me if they want more information regarding my message?

Yes. You will provide an e-mail address in the form so that the parents can contact you if they need clarification about the incident.

4) How should I report an incident to the parents?

Be as specific as possible (what occurred, where and when did it occur, along with a description of the child, caregiver, and any other witnesses). Attach any pictures or videos taken in order to confirm your account of the incident. Please use calm language and avoid accusatory language.

5) I am afraid that the parents will react emotionally to my message. What can I do to mitigate?

Please know that most parents will appreciate the fact that you put effort and time into keeping their child or children safe. However, it is possible that parents may react emotionally to incident reports concerning their child’s well-being. To mitigate potential emotional reactions, be as specific and factual as possible in your reporting and remember to avoid exaggeration and inflammatory language. Please also keep in mind that peoples’ interpretations of an incident can differ and that many times further information is needed for a thorough understanding of the incident.